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Located in Tucson Arizona we sell commercial trucks all over North America. Our business focus is selling commercial work trucks to businesses. The commercial trucks we sell have been inspected & in most cases are reconditioned so they can go right to work. Consigned trucks are inspected and prospective buyers are informed of the reconditioning we would do and can do for you in our service department to make them work ready. Knowing how much you will be investing in a work truck can only really be determined when that truck has been reconditioned to do the job you need done.

The Internet has transformed our business and we have customers all over the West: California, Texas, Nevada, Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Oregon, New Mexico, and Washington. Because we work at getting a variety of  hard to find models we also have sold commercial trucks in states  like: Florida, West Virginia, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Illinois, Nebraska, Kansas, Texas, New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Indiana, Nebraska, Tennessee,  Oklahoma, and even Alaska.

Shipping out of state is also simpler these days because of the internet, and transporters deliver most of our trucks. Licensed & insured transporters can deliver most of our vehicles for less than you might imagine and we can help you arrange this.   

We endeavor to take lots of pictures and give descriptions so that you have what is needed to make a decision. However, there really is no substitute for picking up the phone and asking questions or for more pictures to address all your concerns. It is in both of our interests that you are getting what you are expecting and that the truck will do the job you need it to. Anything less and we undercut our ability to sell you trucks in the future. Being in business you recognize this with your customers. Delivering what your customers expect is really just the minimum to doing repeat business.     

Like a second opinion from a third party? We will help deliver our trucks to any reputable repair facility for a fair assessment.  

If we don't happen to have what you are looking for many times we can find it. We have sold a variety of commercial trucks like: Utility Trucks, Flatbed Trucks, Stake Bed Trucks, Box Vans, Service Body Trucks, Cargo Vans, Box Trucks, Drill Trucks, Bucket Trucks, & more. If we do not currently have what you're looking for please email or call us. We can probably find it or at least direct you to someone who might have what you need.

During our current economic climate we are helping local area businesses dispose of unwanted or excess work trucks. We have a variety of ways to work with you including advertising and auction.
Please call Nick Esparza @ 520-617-0141

Our Service Department does more than just mechanical repairs. We recognize that it is difficult for most businesses to tie up their truck and that the more that they can get done at one stop the better. That's why we also have people who know how to do:
*Welding & Metal *Fabrication                                               *Liftgate Repairs 
*Box Truck Repairs
 (Body Electrical)                              *Trailer Repairs
*Roll-Up Door Repairs Or *Replacement                              *Equipment Repair 
*Annual DOT Inspection                                                     

*Or If You Don't See What You Need Ask Us, We Can Do Lots Of Things!        

Working primarily on commercial work trucks, our own and our customers gives us lots of repetition on specific types of vehicles. We have gained insights into problem areas that can cut repair time & expense. As an example of this: other shops have been sending us Isuzu, Nissan UD, GMC & Chevrolet Cab Over Trucks. We have factory trained technicians for Isuzu & Mitsubishi Fuso who have years of expertise with such trucks. Our hourly labor rate of  $75 is a bargain when compared to new truck dealers and meets or beats most independent repair shops in Tucson.