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Our Service Department does more than just mechanical repairs. We recognize that it is difficult for most businesses to tie up their truck and that the more that they can get done at one stop the better. That's why we also have people who know how to do:
*Welding & Metal *Fabrication                                               *Liftgate Repairs 
*Box Truck Repairs
 (Body Electrical)                              *Trailer Repairs
*Roll-Up Door Repairs Or *Replacement                              *Equipment Repair 
*Annual DOT Inspection                                                     

*Or If You Don't See What You Need Ask Us, We Can Do Lots Of Things!        

Working primarily on commercial work trucks, gives us lots of repetition on specific types of vehicles. We have gained insights into problem areas that can cut repair time & expense. As an example of this: other shops have been sending us Isuzu, Nissan UD, GMC & Chevrolet Cab Over Trucks. We have factory trained technicians for Isuzu & Mitsubishi Fuso who have years of expertise with such trucks. Our hourly labor rate of  $85 is a bargain when compared to new truck dealers and meets or beats most independent repair shops in Tucson.